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Wears the Trousers Issue 4!

Check out latest issue of THE online music mag that's dedicated to the very best of female made music...

Wears the Trousers - a women in music compendium

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So just what is Wears the Trousers?

A completely free online magazine that doffs a jaunty-angled cap to its US cousins & takes a resolutely anglocentric peek at the world of women in music. The best of news, reviews and interviews relating to the world of music made by the female of the species.

So what have we got this time? Thea Gilmore, Broadcast, Amy Wadge, Joan as Police Woman, Lisa Germano, Mia Doi Todd, The Cardigans, Emily Haines, Nerina Pallot, The Puppini Sisters, Astrid Williamson, Lou Rhodes, Aimee Mann, Sleater-Kinney... AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!

Take me to the music... Take me!  Take me!

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Issue 4, sneak peak

If you would like to receive our sporadic updates by email, please sign up here: http://www.thetrousers.co.uk/mailinglist.htm... otherwise, read on!

Hello! Here's what's going on with the summer issue, due in July:

The Dresden Dolls

Amanda Palmer took some time out of her hectic touring schedule to spend some quality time with Andrzej Lukowski yesterday to talk about the brilliant new Dresden Dolls album Yes, Virginia and more. Can't wait to read this one myself!

The Cardigans

We'll (probably) be doing a piece on why women are so underrepresented at the major music festivals and what better way to accompany that than with an interview with The Cardigans' Nina Persson. Robbie de Santos met up with Nina backstage at a gig in Berlin and chatted about life on the road, Super Extra Gravity and her plans for the future.

Po' Girls/ Be Good Tanyas

I went to hang out with Be Good Tanya Trish Klein and her other band Po'Girl last week at The Borderline. What a lovely bunch and so disgustingly talented and intelligent too. There's new albums on the way from both bands so keep your ears to the ground (or at least your eyes on WTT) for more on those.

Juana Molina

Argentinean electroacoustic queen Juana Molina (also a comedian and actress) is releasing her third album Son next month and we'll be sending her some questions across the Atlantic via the wonders of email to ask her all about it.

The Handsome Family / Metric / Psapp

In other email interview news someone will be talking to Rennie Sparks from top husband and wife Americana duo The Handsome Family about their new album Last Days Of Wonder... Andrzej will be chatting with Emily Haines from Canadian band Metric who release their new album Live It Out in July through Drowned In Sound... and someone else will grab a digital coffee with Galia Durant of super duper "toytronica" (that's electronica with toys!) band Psapp whose new album The Only Thing I Ever Wanted is released on May 22nd.

Tender Trap

Fronted by the legendary Queen of Twee Amelia Fletcher (she of Talulah Gosh, Heavenly and Marine Research fame), Tender Trap are about to release their second album 6 Billion People and we're going to talk to them all about it. Yay.

Mia Doi Todd

Clare Byrne will be catching up with hidden treasure Mia from California's always inspiring Bay Area music scene to talk about her latest foray into whipping up acoustic and electro sounds into one creamy blend of total yumminess. That'll be her new remix and rarities album La Ninja: Amor & Other Dreams Of Manzanita then.

Stephanie Kirkham / Amy Wadge / Beth Rowley / Eliza Wren Payne

Trevor Raggatt and Michael Banna are putting together a series of small interviews with some of the UK's upcoming female stars. This one's still in the early stages. Ask me about it in a few weeks' time.

Plus we'll be exploring the notion of the male feminist in a special piece by Jo Harrison (aka Eliza Lazy) who is also contributing more of her amazing artwork... Trevor follows up his MySpace article with another look at the world of digital music, including a little interview with the ever more popular Nerina Pallot on the matter... oh, and I almost forgot to mention that we've got a pair of exclusive, web-only interviews with Isobel Campbell and The Hot Puppies going online very very soon.

So, as you can see, the summer issue looks set to be pretty chunky with more features still to be announced. No beach body for us this year!
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Issue 3!!

wears the trousers issue three out now… 80+ pages of musical goodness – download it for FREE!

featuring interviews with Neko Case, The Pipettes, The Organ, Bic Runga, Marissa Nadler, Emm Gryner, Terri Walker, The Rogers Sisters, Dévics, The Chalets and Elin Ruth + a look back at the career of kd lang

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Issue Two

The second issue. Featuring interviews with Rosie Thomas, Eileen Rose, Nerina Pallot, Mara Carlyle, Carolyn Mark, Emma Anderson of Sing-Sing, Jane Monheit and Allison Crowe... PLUS a look back at the career of Nanci Griffith, a special feature on the women of Britpop a decade on... not to mention our best of 2005 readers poll results and predictions for 2006...